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The Hidden Reality Surrounding the Environment of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

If you are a good reader with great desire and hunger to enrich your intellectual capacity and further increase your biblical knowledge, this book is for you. This book is designed not for any controversy but for the reader to continue to discover teachings that, for many years, have been hidden by a dense veil. At any given time, someone with crooked teachings can come to you, so you must be alert and prepared to use everything stored in the vault of your mind. I invite you to acquire this book, and I guarantee you will not regret acquiring it. Here you will find some topics with your proper deep explanations, such as uncertain birth of Christ; who carried the cross that was used to crucify Christ, Jesus or Simon; the true day and time that Christ died; what happened to the nails that were used to crucify Christ; and many more topics of great interest. Well, anyway, the prologue to this book, as much as the introduction as well as the conclusion and as well as the twenty-six chapters it contains will be of great interest to you.

Price: $15.95